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Xnotech is a digital application solution provider based in Hong Kong. Over the time, we have built our world-wide remote teams with members from Australia, Brazil, England, and Hong Kong, providing professional services including UI/UX design, application development, and solution consultancy. As a design centric solution vendor, we especially focus on the design, which target to provide functional while aesthetic appealing solution for the uniqueness of our products.
We’re one of the agencies that can take a product idea from end to end. And we have clients which approach us at many different stages in the life of a product. You probably didn’t know it at the time, but odds are you might have used a product that our team members helped build. Have a great new product idea and nobody to start building it? We’re your guys.
We Provide Things That You Need
Mobile Application
Closely aligning to human interface guidelines and general design standards, we develop user-friendly and aesthetic appealing apps which focus on user experience and the user journey.
Design and develop SEO optimised website which boosts traffic by increasing search rate. With a complementary content management system, we enable client to take fully control of every elements on the dynamic website.
Harnessing the existing mature eCommerce frameworks: WooCommerce, Opencart, we tailor-made and develop customer-centric eCommerce platform which focus on one single element - Sales.
Tracking & Analysis
Keep track and analyse the traffic and usage of the application, we provide advice for modification to increase the conversion rate and effectiveness measurements.
Workflow Management System
For industries such as Logistics, an effective digital workflow solution could greatly increase efficiency which ultimately minimise costs and drive up revenue. Upon consultation and strategic thinking, we customise solution for clients from different industry.
CRM System
With a tailor-made customer relationship management system, it allows clients from different field manage and analyse customers throughout the whole customer lifecycle and to efficiently allocate sales resources.
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